a collective of dynamic brands that come together to design the world we live in.

The World’s Most Dynamic Design Brands

The design possibilities are exponentially greater when you work with MillerKnoll, which offers the most comprehensive portfolio of furniture products and accessories in the industry. Its collective of leading design brands pairs artful, problem-solving design with a streamlined experience.


Design for the good of humankind.

Design is a method for solving problems. It’s our core expertise, our way of understanding the world. It guides the questions we ask and directs us to the answers we seek. It touches every aspect of our business, from research to production to sales.


A simple word that’s dense with meaning. It’s about improvement. Innovation. Kindness and empathy for our fellow humans. We use materials and manufacturing processes that are safe for our people and the environment. And we strive to be a considerate and responsible corporate citizen in our communities and the world.


People are at the center of all we do. They are the reason we improve spaces and why we push for societal change—for stronger, more resilient communities, for a world that’s more inclusive and equitable, and for a healthier planet. Knowing we can spark positive change ensures that we exist for a greater reason than our products and services.

Share Values

We are difference-makers

Our products and our approach to business make a difference in the lives of our customers, our neighbors, and people around the world.

We are all extraordinary

By celebrating what makes every individual unique and valuable, we help one another reach our fullest potential.

We are better together

Our culture of accountability, inclusivity, and high-performance creates strong teams and unifies our collective of brands.


Our dedication to design in service of humanity forms an unparalleled platform to improve spaces—and the world around us.

Doing More For Our Planet

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Ensuring That All People Can Thrive

Community Impact

Designing a Brighter Future

History and Now

Our brands represent over 100 years of design research and exploration and take a purpose-driven approach to designing modern, insight-led solutions with the ability to deliver globally. The brands design and make furniture and ancillary products for all types of environments and spaces, from homes and offices to hospitals and schools, and they work with customers to meet their business objectives, creating spaces that are rooted in humanity, grounded in research, and engineered to anticipate and shape the future.

Western + MillerKnoll

A celebrated creative partnership

As your certified MillerKnoll dealer, we pair MillerKnoll’s inspired designs with Western’s trusted creative solutions. By bringing together MillerKnoll’s excellence in product design with Western’s expertise in architectural design and support, we create solutions for the modern workspace that outshine all expectations.